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PLA custom color


  Easy To Print

  • Individual PLA filament color customized by you 

  • according to RAL or to your color sample

  • 6kg, diameter 1.75mm or 2.85mm

  • Enter your custom color into the textbox below. Make shure to leave a telefon number for requests
  • paymant in advance only

More details

100,00€ Tax included


Data sheet


More info

Tell us which color similar to RAL you would like to order or send  us a color sample. Please keep in mind that you should really be sure that you have chosen the right color. A claim/refund after production is not possible.

It is required, that you only provide color-codes according to one of the above standards. The best results can be achieved if you send us a color sample.

We can not process colors according to CMYK or HEX or a picture you send us via email. We can not print out something onto paper and work according to this due to each printer and each display having a different way of interpreting colors. Pleas do not compare filament to a color on a display. Colors on displays are unprecice and inconsistent.

You can choose from two options:

Fast: Delivery time can differ between two and three weeks, depending on workload. We produce your ordered color according to color cards. After production the product gets shipped immediately to you. Claims/refunds are not offered.

Precise: Delivery time varies and differs mostly between four and six weeks. We produce your color and will send a small amount of filament. This will be your exemplary. If it doesn´t fit your needings you can have us change the color. After changing the colors you will get another exemplary.

We will only begin production, if you have confirmed the color as producable. After confirmation we offer no claims/refunds.

Product customization

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