Environmental Protection

Plastic processing and environmental protection

The environment is very important to us as a plastics processor. That is why we rely on recycling materials and bioplastics wherever possible.

We manufacture our small S-spool for filaments from recycled PS (polystyrene), which we obtain as granulate from a wholesaler.

Our L-coil is made from recycled PLA. We use shredded remnants from filament production, as well as misprints and return material that we get from our customers. Granular recycling PLA is also used, which we obtain from a large recycling company.

A large proportion of recycling material is also used in our other business areas, injection molding and film extrusion. For the PET film, we purchase large quantities of shredded beverage bottles, which, when blended with new goods, are extruded again.


Our filaments made of PLA and Willowflex are pure bioplastics that are obtained from renewable raw materials. We collect circulating PLA goods and process them into products.

We are happy to take back misprints and filament remnants collected by type. Please make sure that it is only PLA and that it is not mixed with other plastics, tape residues or metal (screws / nuts). Mixed plastics are hardly recyclable.

We have a recycling filament on offer that consists of reprocessed yoghurt cups.

Compostable organic filament (flexible)

Our WillowFlex consists of a compostable bioplastic. It belongs to a new generation of modern plastics, which have excellent mechanical and thermal properties, are durable and consist of renewable raw materials.

These modern plastics solve the disposal problem that the plastic age created.

(For geologists of future generations, however, the sediment layer with the plastic portion will allow precise dating and be an important time stamp. Plastic age 1950 to 2035? We will see how quickly the compostable plastics can establish themselves.)

We will continue to research the topic and bring filaments made of compostable plastics to the market.

Green electricity

Plastic processing is an energy-intensive business. The plastic must be dried and melted. This is only possible with electrical energy, since gas or oil cannot be integrated in a filament extruder. Not to mention the complex and inaccurate regulation.

We use 100% electricity for production, which is obtained from renewable sources. I.e. Wind, solar, hydropower and biomass. We process plastic granulate into filament completely Co2 neutral.

Short distances

We also pay attention to ecological efficiency in further processing. The transport routes are short and the filament is rewound, packed and stored within Berlin. Our packaging is made from recycled material.

We invest a lot of time and money in efficient and sustainable production. So that we leave our and your children a world worth living in and rich in species!