Competence in Plastics was founded as the youngest business branch of the BERNHARDT plastic-processing GmbH in 2014. In our factory located in Berlin we combine innovative processing techniques with the know-how of more than 50 years of experience in plastic processing and industrial extruding procedures.

At present we test and develop our filament with 11 different 3D-printers at our laboratory in Berlin. Especially the printing-quality is monitored here, as a constant quality of the used materials and a good printer-adjustment are crucial parameters for a flawless 3D-FDM-printing.

Our customers can choose out of 90 colors of PLA-filaments. We hold a a great number of metallic- and effect filament in stock. Especially the realization of custom colored filament as ordered by our customers is our strength here.

Our PLA-Filaments are optimized to fit the requirements of 3D-FDM-printing.

We develop the right solutions alongside of our customers.