Social Responsibility is working in partnership with the Mosaik - Workshop for impaired people (Mosaik - Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen) located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where impaired people work in a protected environment. Mosaik takes care of rewinding our large 10kg spools onto the smaller spools for sale. You can purchase spools with weights of 320g, 800g and 2kg. Mosaik also takes care of labeling and packing our spools, before they go in stock or get shipped to our customers.

The leading hands at Mosaik are well trained and experienced craftsmen, which take care of the quality control. Experience has showed us, that after a training period the employees at Mosaik are capable of producing good results.

As an employer we take care of our social responsibility as we hand over work to the workshop and pay the people working there. Doing that, we also promote socially disadvantage people in our society.

Social Responsibility through promotion

The Mosaik-workshop is our shipping contractor. The employees are taking care of the order processing through our webshop and are also impaired persons, working under guidance.

The orders our customers make will be sent digitally to Mosaik and can be viewed there in an optimized web-frontend. Then the ordered articles get picked an packed according to the order. Also Mosaik takes care of payments and billing.

If you receive a giveaway with your order – it is manufactured at Mosaik.

Legal regulation and belief

We don´t only take care of our social responsibilitry because we are legally bound to do so. We are concerned about promoting people, which have only minimized chances to get employed because of their disabilities.

With working in the workshop, which is a direct creation of value, every single involved person in the project is been given responsibility and self-confidence.