Social Responsibility works together with the NBW - Nordberliner Werkgemeinschaft gGmbH.

There people with disabilities work in a supervised and protected environment.

NBW takes over the rewinding of the filament from 10 kg spools into the ready-for-sale units of 320g, 1000g and 2kg for us. They label and package the goods. Then the spools are entered into our inventory and go into the warehouse.

The group leaders are trained craftsmen with professional experience, who take care of the quality control of the work results. Experience has shown that the workshop employees are able to deliver error-free work after a training period.

By subcontracting work to the workshops and paying them for it, we are fulfilling our social responsibility as an employer and supporting people who are disadvantaged in this society.

Social responsibility through support

We also use NBW as a shipping service provider. The workshop employees are entrusted with the complete order processing of orders via the web store. Here, too, disabled people are introduced to the task under guidance.

The orders are transmitted digitally and displayed via an optimized web front end. The goods are picked and packed accordingly.

NBW also produces small promotional gifts and sample bags for us.

Legal regulation and conviction

We take social responsibility for our society not only because we are legally obliged to do so. It is our concern to support those people who have hardly any chance of employment on the first labor market due to their disability.

Through the work in the workshop, which directly represents an added value and brings a visible result, each individual entrusted with this project is given responsibility and self-esteem.