Troubleshooting in 3D printing


This report is all about the troubleshooting in 3D printing. I know it can be hard to find the existing problems when 3D printing especially for beginners. Of course you will always have the option to just trial and error but this will get pretty annoying after some time. So, what I was always missing was a beginner to advanced guide to solve certain problems and since I’m getting more advanced in that topic I thought I could help many people with this guide.


So, first of all you have to figure out if the existing problem is caused by a hardware error or by a software error. Here I have listed some of the most common hard -/ and software issues:

Common Software issues:

  • Stringing (when your printer pulls strings when crossing empty space)
  • Non sticking layers
  • Layer seperation 
  • Gaps in the Bottom Layers

Common Hardware issues:

  • No Filament coming out of the Nozzle (Or its not coming out clean)
  • First Layer doesn’t stick to build plate
  • Layer shifting 
  • Gaps in the bottom layers



  • Check if retraction is enabled in your slicer
  • If it is enabled but you still get stringing in your prints try different values between:

                  30mm/s and 60mm/s retraction speed

                  0.5mm and 2.5mm retraction distance

 If you are using other materials than PLA and ABS and you are still getting strings in your prints             

 You might try out a lower retraction speed and a higher retraction Distance.

                  Download stringing-test from thingiverse: DOWNLOAD HERE

No filament coming out of the Nozzle:

  • Check if the Extruder is running
  • If it is running but there is still no filament coming out try the following solutions

Try to firmly push some filament trough the extruder and the hot-end, do this when the        

hot-end has the required heat for printing the filament thats being pushed through the extruder. 

If you are not able to push filament trough the heated hot-end, your nozzle is probably 

blocked. You can try to disassemble your print head, and clean it with a nozzle cleaner, 

these can be found in our 3d printer Toolkit:


If the Nozzle is free and working and the extruder is running and there is still no filament coming out of the nozzle you have to look if the extruder applies pull to the filament. To do that just start your extruder and grab the filament between to fingers and try to feel if there is a slow pulling force towards the hotend, if that’s not the case you might have to find   screw to increase  the force applied to the idler which presses the filament to the filament pully.

Gaps in the Bottom Layers:

  • Try to increase the amount of Bottom Layers in your slicer

for example: Cura > Shell > Bottom Layers

  • Check if your bed is levelled precisely (you should be able to just barely move a sheet of paper between the nozzle and the bed)
  • Check print temperature
  • Check if the filament is jamming
  • try to increase how much filament is extruded (underextrusion could be the reason)

Layer shifting:

  • Check printer belts, they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose 
  • Check if all the steppers are tightly secured in place
  • Make sure that the print head can move freely

                try to tone down your travel speed (something around 70mm/s)

Non sticking first layer:

  • Check if the bed is levelled precisely (you should barely be able to move a sheet of paper

          between nozzle and bed)

  • Try to cover your build plate with masking tape, pay attention to these things:

the masking tape shouldn’t overlap 

Cover your buildplate like this! after covering your build plate with masking tape you have to relevel your print bed!

Layer seperation:

  • check if layer height is ok (between 0.1 and 0.3mm)
  • Try to increase your print temperature 
  • Try to relevel your bed and watch if the first layer is printed cleanly

I hope I was able to help, if there are any questions left feel free to call us:
 +49 (0) 30 43748151 / +49 (0) 30 54909613