3dkonductive - electroconductive



- Electroconductive Filament

- New Recipe!

- PLA based. Compartible with PLA and WillowFlex

- Use for low currence applications like LED

- For printet sensorics

- For anti static parts

- Electromagnetic shieldings

- Good printablility and very high layer adhesion

- Use 3dklean to keep your nozzle going

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Funktions-FilamenteElektrisch Leitfähig

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Electroconductive Filament

 !! New Recipe !! Not Brittle. Like normal PLA

Process information

3dkonductive is a highly filled PLA. It is a special material developed for good printability and high conductivity.

The conductivity is realized with a special carbon black. Due to the heavy filling it is, is brittle and has different flow properties compared to standard PLA.

If you follow our process preferences closely you will be able to print the material successfully and avoid clogged extruders and other problems


Print temperature           200-230° C
Speed                            tested up to 90mm/s
Print Bed                        60-70°C or cold
Bed Surface                   Blue-/ Brown tape, Kapton, Printafix, Permanent surfaces (Careful high adhesion!)
Other Materials               Adheses to 3dk-PLA and WillowFlex (and the other way around)


To avoid clogged extruders, remove the filament from your extruder directly after printing, before it cools down.
This can be easily achieved by adding the following command line to your end GCode in your slicing Software (Cura, Slic3er, CraftWare, Simplify3D, Repetier Host, Kiss …) at the top of the end GCode:
G1 E-100 F600
This command makes your 3d printer retract 100mm of filament after the print is finished. The hotend cools down without filament.

Cleaning your extruder

We recommend cleaning your extruder directly after finishing the print before the hotend cools down. Use our special purpose cleansing filament 3dklean. Alternatively you can purge your extruder using standard PLA filament until no more black plastic extrudes from your nozzle.


Electrical resistance tesed on a printed test piece according to DIN 53482

Specific volume resistance 24 Ω/cm

Surface resistance in printed direction 23Ω, vertical to the printed direction 53 Ω


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