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PrimaFil Ultem PEI Printbed


PrimaFil permanent printbed made of PEI coated Ultem.
Thickness: 0.5mm
Available in the following sizes:

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  • 300x300mm
  • 200x250mm
  • 374x200mm
  • 200x200mm
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The PrimaFil printbed captivates with its unique properties. This makes it possible to process a variety of filaments on a single print bed. No change of tape, hairspray or adhesives anymore!
Ranging from PLA and ABS to WillowFlex and our in-house specialty 3dktop, you can print every Material on this bed.
The foil comes well packaged and with a protective layer on the top to avoid scratches. Just stick it on your bed, cut it right and you're done. PrimaFil printbeds are tailored to the 3d printers of the series Craftbot 2 (200x250) and Craftbot XL (300x250mm), but can also be used with all other printers that come to these dimensions.
Simply heat up your print bed, start printing and let the bed cool down again. You can then easily remove your print without having to use a spatula *

*may not have to apply to 3dktop, as it sticks particularly good on surfaces. Please do not forget to adjust your leveling again, as it may cause damage to the printbed.

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