3dklean - Cleaning Filament


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Cleansing Filament

Removes plastic remains and burned material from your hotend

Your 3d printer works reliable like new

1,75mm or 2,85mm

Shipped in handy sticks of 27cm for single use

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3dklean is made of a concentrate for cleaning of plastics processing machines and PLA. It foams in your Hotend and enters the smallest crack. There it dissolves burned remains of dust and plastic witch deposited there over the time.

3dklean does not need to be dry in order to work. Therefor we deliver 3dklean not sealed airtight, allowing the filament to absorb some moisture from the air.

How to use it?

Load 3dklean filament like you are used to until the old filament is completely replaced and 3dklean extrudes from your nozzle. Set the Extruder to a temperature of 200 to 230°C (use the preheat option or Cotroll -> Temperature) and let 3dklean sit there for 5 minutes.

Extrude a couple of centimetres of filament and let it sit again. Repeat this two more times, unload 3dklean and load the filament you´d like to print until 3dklean is replaced completely.

Repeat the whole process for persistent contaminations.

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