Dear Customers, Makers and everyone who aspires to become one,

first of all we hope everyone is doing alright.
Like everyone else, we’re trying our very best to get through these trying times in one piece, employees included. We make sure not to compromise our usual service as well as make our own contribution to get through this crisis unscathed. We want to provide the right materials for you to print your own shield masks and equip them with our antifog, antibacterial foils.
--> https://3dk.berlin/…/covid-…/452-sheets-for-face-shield.html

We’ve also got your back if you don’t own a printer and are offering an entire package deal, with all printed pieces having a production time of 3 hours plus post-production.
--> https://3dk.berlin/…/453-kit-for-face-shield-mask-with-two-…

We’re a medium-sized company made up of a staff of 46 – this crisis has caught us off guard just as much as the next person. We’re looking forward to using the capacities freed by this incidence to establish #3dkagainstcorona. However, we still need to make sure that with anything we’re offering, we do so in a cost-effective, economically viable manner. Our shield masks are explicitly NOT a disposable product meant for single use. All parts are easily cleanable with warm soap water and disinfectant. This also applies to the foils, although we advise against harsh scrubbing so as to not remove the antifog, antibacterial layer. Should the coating be worn off or otherwise damaged please replace the screen with a new one. Our staff as well as our partners are currently working on modifying the model and foils in a way which will no longer require you to hole punch them yourself prior to assembly. Until then, you can look up the tutorial on doing so on YouTube:
--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDMG9qzm7ek

Right now, each foil is being shaped by hand by one of our employees. We’re providing both the right size for the model by Prusa as well as our own, modified version. We keep learning every day and any cut on the costs of production we want to pass on to you. The Products in our shop are geared towards makers but also charities, state institutions, hospitals and such. Please understand that the prices for bulk purchases made for professional use differ from the ones assigned to the sets meant for private use. We are also working on a more affordable, single use alternative geared towards e.g. medical workers or charities and are open for any suggestions and partnerships in this matter.

We hope to ride out this crisis together and are wishing you and your loved ones the very best. Stay healthy, stay safe!

Volker Bernhardt
CEO 3dk.berlin