Sheets for Face Shield


Robust Sheet Plastic 600µm made from PET (Highly transparent)


Antifog coating - Caution do not scrub coating!

Desinfactable with alcohol, Gamma sterilizable

5 pcs. per Pack

available in 240 x 285mm ( Design)

and 240 x 240mm (Prusa Design)

More details

9,90€ Tax included


More info offers a special film with which you can easily create a face shield mask. This special film is water-repellent, antibacterial, it does not fog up and can be disinfected with alcohol. To assemble the face shield mask, only two simple components are required, which can be produced with any standard 3D printer. In addition, the above Foil and a piece of rubber band, ideally 20 mm wide and with holes. 

If you have scissors, a punch and a CD in your household, you can quickly make your own face shield mask. The instructions and the print files are available here in the download area.

#3dkagainstcorona  -> Our Assembly Instruction on YouTube <-

PLEASE NOTE: The anti-splash masks we love have not been disinfected during production. Please disinfect them if necessary before first use.


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