freshly brought from the Makerfaire in Vienna: the AprintaPro Printafix adhesion promoter spray 

The spray is intended to replace glue sticks, hairspray, bluetape, brown tape and all other imaginable adhesion promoters. The material is distributed by AprintaPro, a company based in Austria. According to their own statements, the boys have set themselves the task of solving all problems of 3D printing. The Printafix is ​​the first result of this effort. We have tested the spray extensively.

The test is divided into three areas: presentation, use and result. I tested the spray on the heating beds of an older I3 Berlin and an Ultimaker2, as well as on the plastic bed of a Makerbot Replicator 2.

As objects I have printed truncated cones with different diameters (50mm / 20mm), cuboids (6.25mm2 - 400mm2) and rectangles (5mm2 - 20mm2) without raft. As a test for large prints, I ran a picture frame with an area of ​​142mm x 182mm and a cylinder with a diameter of 175mm.


The Printafix comes in a transparent bottle with a white sticker. This contains all important information about the product. Such as brief instructions for use and important warnings. The bottle sticker is double-layered and can be removed. This includes further warnings in several languages ​​as well as a quick start guide, which I think worked very well.

It is practical that the bottle is transparent and you know exactly when the 100ml is running low. So you can ensure replenishment in good time (also with us).


Handling is very easy. You should make sure in advance that the print bed is as clean as possible and free of pressure residues and grease. Then all you have to do is shake vigorously and spray the spray onto the bed from a distance of approx. 10-20cm. You should proceed as recommended by the manufacturer, i.e. spray overlapping circles.

When shaking, you should definitely make sure to shake vigorously and sufficiently. Otherwise, the spray comes out of the bottle as a thick surge and not as a fine spray. In addition, the spray should not be used inside or over conductive parts and must be kept away from sources of ignition.

To dry, place an unheated bed in the fresh air for a few minutes, a heating bed is installed and heated directly. Then printing can start.

First of all: The result is not to be scoffed at! Overall, the parts hold very well on the print bed and even parts with a diameter of 10 mm and a height of 100 have not fallen over. The underside of the print remains nice and smooth and still holds enough. I could easily remove all parts with a spatula. The prints do not stand out from the plate (except the frame on the Makerbot, but he also does that with tape). The multiple usability of the spray has proven to be extremely practical, which means that a simple coating can be printed 3-4 times (also in the same place) according to the manufacturer's specifications. Even more is possible if the coating is applied thicker or several times. The manufacturer specifies 11ct./print as the calculated value, which corresponds to approximately 145 prints.

If you have to change the coating, it is sufficient to clean the print bed with a commercially available glass cleaner and to rinse it under running water. After sufficient drying, you can coat again.

Just have a look in the shop and test the spray! I wish you many beautiful prints

Daniel - 3dk team