CraftBot+ 3d printer


  • Robust and high quality

  • Excellent print quality

  • Build Volume 250x200x200 mm

  • UPGRADE: full metal hotend

  • UPGRADE: Heated glass plate

  • UPGRADE: New fan arrangement for better cooling

  • Touchscreen operation for many materials

  • is a certified partner of CraftUniqe

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CraftBot plus the plus in 3d printing. A high quality 3d printer that does what it promises! Available at!

This 3d printer from Craftunique is a solid high end product that comes with features that are unparalleled! The solid workmanship and finely tuned components result in a print quality you will not get a second time for the price.

 PLEASE NOTE: The filament sensor must be purchased separately!

Equipment CraftBot plus:



Thanks to an intelligent belt guide on the CraftBot plus, both drives of the XY slide stand firmly and are not moved, which saves weight and has a positive effect on traversing speed and printed image.


The print bed of this 3d printer is moved up and down on a double guide using a trapezoidal spindle.


Active cooling

Two fans ensure a neat wind! Both fans are mounted symmetrically on the extruder and cool depending on the setting in the slicer from the beginning or from the nth layer. Essential for pressure with wide overhangs and hitting bridges.


Heated print bed

An easily removable print bed which can be heated up to 110 ° C is the standard of this 3d Printer. The heated bed of the CraftBot plus minimizes warping effects . Standard equipment on the print bed is a Kaptontape. This can also be exchanged for a permanent printig bed or covered with masking tape.


High quality extruder

The multi-material extruder of this 3d printer prints PLA, ABS, WillowFlex and other materials up to a processing temperature of 260 ° C. The extruder of the CraftBot plus is equipped with a 0.4mm nozzle, which can be exchanged for other nozzle sizes.


Touchscreen and menu

The intuitive menu navigation of the CraftBot plus is operated via a touch screen. During printing, parameters such as speed, temperature or material flow can be adjusted in override mode of this 3d printer.



The data is transferred to the 3d printer via USB port. Firmware updates are transferred via USB cable.


There is a lot of steel in this 3d printer. This is good for durability and maintenance. The frame of the CrafBot plus is made of lacquered steel and covered with Plexiglas on the side.



With the CraftBot plus, the has a 3d printer in its assortment where everything is right! Print quality, speed, durability and a price performance ratio that is second to none.

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